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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a member if I was not a member of ELSA?

In general, membership of ELSA Alumni is only open to former members of ELSA. However, ELSA Alumni also exceptionally welcomes people who have not been members of ELSA. Membership applications from people who have not been members of ELSA are considered on a case by case basis by the Board of Directors.

Can I already join ELSA Alumni whilst I am still at Uni and an ELSA member?

Yes, students who are ELSA members are very welcome to join ELSA Alumni and take full advantage of our benefits for “Career Starters”.

How do I become a member of ELSA Alumni?

You can find information about becoming a member here.

Who decides whether I can be admitted as a member of ELSA Alumni?

The Board of Directors of ELSA Alumni is responsible for deciding on membership applications.

Why do I need to pay to join ELSA Alumni?

ELSA Alumni is a non-profit association alumni and is entirely governed and run by unpaid volunteer Alumni donating their time and – quite often – financial support.

However, in order to offer professional services to members in all career & life stages, to maintain a state-of-the-art platform and to support ELSA, we ask all our members to chip in - with ideas, with their time, but also financially. While membership fees only cover a fraction of the overall cost of running ELSA Alumni, they are a way for us to ensure its long-term sustainability and for you to signal your commitment to our mission, values and goals.

How can I become an Advisory Board Member of ELSA Alumni?

The Advisory Board of ELSA Alumni is a group of Alumni who are especially committed to supporting the development of a stable and dynamic Alumni network that brings together a diverse group of Alumni, adds real value to their professional & personal development and that truly supports ELSA.

Advisory Board Members do so by pledging their financial support and expertise to ELSA Alumni. Without this support and engagement, we could not offer discounted fees to career starters or realise many of our membership benefits.

We are always on the lookout for new champions and supporters! If you would like to help ELSA Alumni to thrive and support the community, please contact the President of ELSA Alumni, Patrick Oliver for further information.

Why should I become an ELSA Supporter or an ELSA Advisory Board Member and pay more than the main membership fee?

There are 3 main membership categories. There are also 2 specific membership categories which are designed to enable Alumni to contribute more if they want to.

The ELSA Supporter member category is designed for people who want to join the Senior Professional category AND who also want to contribute funds that will be entirely used to supporting ELSA.

The ELSA Alumni Advisory Board member category is designed for people who want to contribute funds to ensure the success and stability of ELSA Alumni. Like all non-profit associations, ELSA Alumni needs the financial means to operate and provide professional services to its members. The Advisory Board of ELSA Alumni is a group of Alumni who are committed to supporting the creation of a stable and dynamic Alumni network that brings together a diverse group of Alumni and that truly supports ELSA.

How much does the membership fee amount to?

The 3 main categories of membership have been designed to be affordable to hopefully all Alumni, as well as flexibility as to which membership category you join to suit your needs.

Membership for Career Starters is available for EUR 30 per calendar year (equivalent to EUR 2.5 / month), whilst the membership fees for Young Professionals and Senior Professionals are respectively EUR 60 / EUR 90 per calendar year (equivalent to EUR 5 / month and EUR 7.5 / month).

Which period does my membership fee cover?

Membership of ELSA Alumni is annual, and the membership fee is payable on an annual basis. The membership fee covers the period 1 January to 31 December.

When do I have to pay my membership fee?

You must pay your membership fee when you apply to join ELSA Alumni. In the unlikely event that your application is rejected, you will be fully reimbursed. It is only when you have paid your membership fee that your application will be considered, that you can be a member of ELSA Alumni and that you will have access to the members online platform and member services.

Can I pay my membership fee in monthly instalments?

Membership fees are payable in one go for the whole year and cannot be paid in monthly instalments. This is because the costs for the administration of such monthly instalments would be high.

Can I get a discount if I cannot afford to pay the membership fee?

The general policy is that all members need to pay a membership fee and that the minimum yearly fee to be paid is EUR 30. Discounts may be granted by the Board of Directors on an exceptional basis. If you would like to discuss a discounted fee, please contact the ELSA Alumni Secretariat

Can I get a discount if I am still a student?

We created a discounted fee just for you: the membership fee for Career Starters has been created with students and people who recently graduated in mind. At the equivalent of EUR 2.5 / month, it's cheaper than one meal per month.

Can I get a discount if I paid the lifetime membership fee of the ELSA Lawyers’ Society (ELS)?

We truly appreciate the support provided by all ELS members, in particular lifetime members who committed to joining and supporting the ELS through a lifetime membership fee.

As ELSA Alumni is being redesigned from the ground up to serve the needs and values of ELSA alumni today, members of the ELS who paid the lifetime membership fee are encouraged to join ELSA Alumni and pay the membership fee of the category with which they feel most comfortable.

ELS lifetime members who might want to discuss some form of discount should contact Patrick Oliver, the President of ELSA Alumni.

How is ELSA Alumni different from ELS?

We see ELSA Alumni as "ELS2.0" - based on the same vision to perpetuate the spirit & community of ELSA beyond graduation but redesigned from the ground up to serve the needs and values of ELSA alumni today.

This means: a new leadership team from all generations, a modern platform for members to connect, new services and a great new relationship with ELSA.

How is ELSA Alumni different from my local/ national Alumni Group?

While your local/ national Alumni Group will focus on local/ national connections & opportunities, ELSA Alumni can connect you to the bigger, transnational community. Depending on your interests, both will serve different needs at different times and are highly complementary.

Are you running a local/ national Alumni Group and are interested in connecting or using our platform for your members? Please get in touch via email.

How will I get access to the members only online platform? Will I be able to access it from both my laptop and my smart phone?

The platform will only be accessible to members of ELSA Alumni. The platform will be available from both a laptop and a smartphone.