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Join ELSA Alumni

Why Join

Do you remember ELSA and the way that being part of the ELSA community has enriched your path in life? Since its creation in 1981, being part of the ELSA community has touched the lives of thousands of law students from over 40 different countries. For most Alumni, ELSA was a defining factor in their personal and professional development, and they continue to maintain the relationships they developed in ELSA.

ELSA Alumni is designed to ensure that the community, knowledge and passion of ELSA does not just dissolve upon graduation but can continue to grow and develop throughout our professional and personal paths. Join ELSA Alumni to:

  • Connect with the global community of like-minded peers of ELSA Alumni
  • Develop yourself and your career, and help others on their path to becoming ethical and impactful leaders
  • Actively advocate for a just world and inspire others to do so
  • Give back and support the vision, activities and talent of ELSA

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Who Can Join

The main criteria to be admitted as a member of ELSA Alumni is to have been a member of the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) either at local, national or international level.

In the application form, you are asked to provide the period of your ELSA membership, the name of your local group, a short description of your involvement in ELSA and the name of an existing ELSA Alumni member as a reference.

Member Value Proposition

ELSA Alumni offers Alumni the opportunity to connect with the global community of Alumni and act together collectively to grow as individuals, actively advocate for a just world and give back and support ELSA. We are more powerful as a global community of Alumni than smaller groups of individuals. Collectively we can make a difference!

WhatsApp, Facebook and LinkedIn are great tools to stay in touch with old friends and sometimes even to expand your network. Being a member of ELSA Alumni offers however the following additional benefits:

  • a premium dedicated, moderated and secure space to connect to like-minded people across generations, across different career paths and across different countries
  • a place to showcase your ideas, publish insights, build your profile and professional network, to find jobs, opportunities and recruit talent
  • real career & development services such as coaching, mentoring and expert advice
  • the opportunity to continue advocating for a just world together with a like-minded group of peers from diverse backgrounds and generations
  • the opportunity to contribute collectively to supporting the continued development of ELSA

The larger and more diverse the Alumni network, the more opportunities we create for one another, the more impact we can have and the more we can support ELSA. Collectively, this network of leaders aims to make a real difference to us as individuals, to ELSA and to the world in which we live.

Membership Categories & Fees

The following membership categories & fees are intended to ensure that ELSA Alumni is attractive and accessible to as many alumni as possible from all countries and all stages of life, whilst also ensuring the financial stability and sustainability of ELSA Alumni in the long term.

The respective membership fees are valid for the calendar year 2020. For the calendar year 2021 the membership fees will be determined at the first Annual Meeting of ELSA Alumni that will take place in Bratislava from 8 - 10 May 2020.

Career Starter


ELSA Alumni who are finishing their studies and/or have completed their studies within the last 5 years pay only 10 EUR per year for full membership.

Young Professional


Professionals, who are usually between 30 and 40 years old, pay only 30 EUR per year or the equivalent of 2.50 EUR per month.

How To Join ELSA Alumni

To join, you must complete the membership application via ELSA Alumni Online. Upon registration and payment of your first year of membership fee, you immediately receive access to the members only platform.

Should your membership be rejected after review by the Board of Directors, your access to ELSA Alumni Online will be restricted and your payment will be reimbursed automatically.

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